Flick Club Character explination

There are 5 characters in Flick Club, each with their own set of stats. Before getting into the characters it's first helpful to know what the stats themselves mean.

Stat explinations

Offense: This increases damage delt
Defense: This lowers damage taken
Special: This determines how powerful special moves are


Skye has the lowest amount of stats in offense/defense, but has maxed out special. This means that she's worse at rushing for damage compared to other characters, but her special moves are more powerful. In particular blinds last for a very long time as do fires. Because blinds make it very hard for your opponent to play quickly and fires make it riskier to go for long chains, Skye has a playstyle where she seeks to win moreso by forcing her opponent to play slower than her, rather than playing fast herself. Also worth noting is that her hammers and bandages are more effective, though they will not make up for much of a health disadvantage. Skye's turn on is the feather, which is the only special move not powered up by the special stat. While feathers can be useful for disrupting your opponent's chains, skye gets so much more out of blinds and the more frequent feathers are more of a hinderence than anything.


Elin has the most stats in offense/defense, meaning that she is never at a health disadvantage and is better at rushing for damage than anyone else. Elin also has the lowest special stat, meaning she doesn't get much value out of special moves. Instead Elin hopes to win matches as quickly as possible and not give her opponent the chance to use specials. To this end Elin is usually not picky about which specials to use, but Hammers are the best and also her turn on, meaning they're more frequent. Feathers are also notable since they are the only special not worse with Elin.

Pink, Zeta, and Mimi

Pink, Zeta, and Mimi all have 4 points total in offense/defense, which gives them equivilant health differences in all matchups. The only differences are in their turn-ons and in the amount of total health. Overall all 3 sit in-between Elin and Skye, not favoring either playstyle very strongly, but able to shift between both. Pink is the most aggressive, she forces the least amount of health total. Mimi plays the long game, having the most health and drawing matches out long enough to where coin specials are going to matter more. Zeta is in-between the two and probably has the worst stat-distribution. In terms of turn-ons Pink's is fire, which makes it riskier for her opponent to do chains and gives Pink the oppertunity to outpace them damage-wise. Mimi's turn-on is bandage which lets her widen the health gap while drawing games out. Zeta's turn-on is hammer, which also widens the health gap but moves the game closer to ending rather than prolonging it. All three are roughly equal, with Mimi being better for players who want to play the long game and use more coins, pink better for players who want to end things quickly but still want to have the flexability of level 2 specials, and Zeta being better for players who want to end things as soon as possible by using hammers.

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