Flick Club etcetera

Flick Club quick start:

All you need to know

Line up 5 of a color/suit to make a clear
making a clear will give you a coin
if there are then 4 of a color lined up, they will also clear, making a chain
chains do extra damage, but the amount of coins you get from them is capped at 2
line up 5 coins and you'll activate a special move
the special move you get is chosen based on what the last color cleared was
When your health bar reaches 0 you lose!
If your bomb fuse runs out you lose!
That's the basics!

How stats work

every character has 6 points distributed between 3 stats.
Offense makes your attacks do more damage
Defense makes attacks do less damage to you
Special makes special moves last longer or be more potent

Effective health values

These numbers are a representation of health in terms of how many line clears it takes to lose when we factor in offense and defense. Positive numbers indicate more defense, negative numbers indicate more offense:
-2 = 22.75
-1 = 24
-0.5 = 24.5
0 = 25
+0.5 = 25.75
+1 = 26.5
+1.5 = 27
+2 = 28

Note that these numbers were obtained through expirimentation, it's possible they are slightly off.
So, as an example of how to read this, in a zeta vs Elin matchup zeta has 2 def vs Elin's 3 offense, that's an effective value of -1, so Zeta has 24 effective health. Elin has 2 defense vs Zeta's 2 offense, so Elin has an effective value of 0 for 25 health.
-1.5 is not present because there is currently no way to achevie this effective value.

What do specials do

Blind - Hides the center pieces of the target's board. Resets the fuse.
Heat - Makes the target's fuse burn faster. This does not reset the fuse.
Feather - Randomizes the targets board. Resets the fuse.
Hammer - Deals special stat + 1 damage
Bandage - heals special stat +1 damage

Note that the damage done/healed by hammer/feather is actual damage, not effective damage.

Chain Theory

1 Chain:
1 chains are the most basic kind of clears, they are the fastest to both make and clear and because of this they are useful either for dealing the final few hits or to quickly change the selected special.
2 Chains:
There's 2 variations on a 2 chain.
Double clears are when you make 2 1 chains at the same time. These animate faster, and if you clear coins this way it can guarentee you get the other color's special (tho keep in mind that the game checkes clears from right to left and from top to bottom). This will be treated as 2 1 clears for the purpose of damage, meaning it does less damage. (only doing 2 points of damage)
a proper 2 chain would look something like this: -I don't actually have an image ready but I should have one here sorry-
This deals 2.5 damage and gives 2 coins. It's common to use this in order to chain into a coin while setting up your prefered special.
3 Chains:
There's 3 variations on a 3 chain:
Tripple clear:
Like the double clear this isn't especially effecient or damaging, as it gets counted as 3 1 clears. (deals 3 damage)
2 chain double:
This is when you have 2 parallel 4 suit lines and 1 5 suit line that intersects both. It's useful for setting up a coin and animates faster than a proper 3 chain, so it has it's uses. It's not as damaging as a proper 3 chain, but only by a little (deals 4 damage)
3 chain proper:
This is when you have a 4 suit line parallel to a 5 suit line which is intersecting a 4 suit line. The clear order is different here and it both does more damage and animates slower. Gives 2 coins just like all the other 3 clears and does 4.25 damage.
4 chains are a lot harder to setup, but here's some variations:
quad clear:
4 line clears at once, this is kinda slow to make and it only does 4 damage, not especially helpful.
2 chain tripple:
3 parallel 4 suit lines and one 5 suit intersector. Easyish to setup, does 5.5 damage.
3 chain double:
a 3 chain proper but with 2 parallel lines at the end. Also easyish to setup, does 6 damage
4 chain proper:
a 3 chain with a 3 suit line parallel to the 5 suit line. Does 6.25 damage. You'll get these a lot on accident.
2 chain double +1:
A 2 chain double but then there's one more line. Does 5.75 damage.

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