Flick Club system explination

Basic rules

Standard for VS is medium speed, 5x5 board, and cards on. To make a clear you need to line up card suits such that there is a line, horizontal or vertical, of 1 suit. Different drink choices can make the suits look a little different, for the sake of consistency (and clarity for anyone with colorblindness) I'll be refering to them by the shape they appear to be by default which is: (Pink) Diamonds, (Blue) Hearts, (White) Spades, (Purple) Clubs, and (Black) Heptagons. After clearing a line you'll send damage to your opponent and new suits will come in to replace the ones that were cleared, these new suits are randomly determined, but one of them is always a special Suit called a Chip or a Toni Coin (ToCo for short). If you make a clear with 5 ToCos then when new pieces come in it will be 5 new suits and no ToCos. There is also a timer, visually represented as the fuse of a bomb. When the fuse runs out the bomb goes off and you fucking die.

Special moves

Whenever any player clears a line the background will change color and that the corisponding card will be selected for both players. When a ToCo line is cleared the player who cleared it will activate whatever special move was on the currently selected card. There are 5 Specials: Hammer, Bandage, Blind, Fire, and Feather. All specials can either be positive (benefitial to the player who uses them) or negative (bad for the player who uses them). Which specials are in each player's hand and if they are positive or negative is random, however all characters have a color and special that are their turn-ons, turn-on colors will always be positive effects, and turn-on specials are more likely to spawn, tho not garentied.

Special move effects


Deals damage ~equal to 1+special stat


Heals damage ~equal to 1+special stat


Obscures the center suits for some number of seconds. Lasts longer with more special


Fire increases the speed at which the timer counts down. It stays at the higher speed longer with more special


Feather randomizes the target's board, but leaves ToCos where they are. Feather is unaffected by the special stat.


After making a clear, the game will check the field again to see if there are any lines of all one suit. This means lines of 4 can now be cleared. This will happen on each clear meaning you can make 3 chains, 4 chains, etc if you set the board up right. A video guide to chains can be found here

Chain bonus

There are 2 bonuses the game gives for doing chains. The first is that you get bonus damage, a 2 chain does 1.5x damage, a 3 chain does 1.75x damage, and a 4 chain or higher does 2x damage. The other bonus is that doing a chain of any size will give 2 ToCos instead of 1.

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